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Situations that need Emergency Dental Care

May 26, 2021

An emergency can strike you at any moment. It does not come with a statutory warning. We might have to rush to the emergency dentist at some point in our life. But what exactly would you consider as an emergency? A list has been compiled by the very best dentist in Fort Collins, CO. Let us take a look at the emergency signs you must never ignore.

Severely Broken tooth

There could be several reasons for you breaking your teeth. It could be due to an accident or a fatal injury. Whatever the reason might be, emergency dental care in such situations is imperative. Your minimal crack could expand and cause you severe discomfort. Your emergency dentist might suggest opting for veneers or crowns. But if you do not provide timely attention to your fractured tooth, then it might cause severe health complications in the future.

Loose Teeth

Do your teeth seem wobbly and loose? Well, it is time to rush to the dental clinic. There could be some deep-rooted infection that might turn dangerous if left untreated. If you are not sure about the reason behind your loose tooth then you must consult your dentist on the first go.

Unexplained Lumps

If you notice lumps inside your oral cavity then it is best to get them checked. They can form anywhere on the roof of your mouth, tongue, or your gums. Oftentimes they indicate some concurrent medical condition and could be an indicator of some serious situation in the body.

Extreme Dentin Sensitivity

Ignoring dentin sensitivity could lead to serious dental complications. Accepting that sudden, ringing pain in your mouth as normal is the biggest mistake you are committing. Your tooth might be sensitive due to serious erosion of your enamel. This could ultimately expose your teeth to harmful infections. You must get it checked and treated by the emergency dentist at the earliest.

Swelling in Your Gums

Inflamed gums could indicate several things. You could be suffering from a potential root canal infection or it could be the advent of gum disease. It is advisable to seek emergency services to detect the cause behind the swelling.

Bloody Gums

Your gums might bleed due to applying excessive pressure while brushing or flossing. A healthy, balanced diet with all the important nutrients could fix the issue. However, if the bleeding is abnormal and continues for a long time then you must visit a dental care professional. It could be a sign of periodontal disease and might lead to tooth loss if left untreated.

Tooth Abscess

An abscessed tooth can be extremely painful and dangerous. It could cause fever, uncontrollable toothache, and tender nodules on your neck. It is a pocket of pus that could spread to the jaw and cause jaw joint disorders. The infection might even spread to the rest of your body and pose a serious risk to your life. You must seek dental assistance immediately and do not expect it to subside on its own.

We hope this list of emergency situations will help you to identify when to seek emergency dental services. If you are looking for an emergency dentist in Fort Collins, CO then visits us at Layton Family Dental and avail our emergency dentistry services.